The Natchez District


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Pre-Mississippi History

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The Natchez Nation

The Birthplace of a Territory

The Natchez Trace

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First and Main Cafe

Mrs. K’s Homeplate

Vine Bros. Meats and Restaurant

Things to See

The Amite County Courthouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse

Local Info and History 

Amite: est. 1809; pop. 13,131

Franklin: est. 1809; pop. 8,118

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Bude: pop. 1,063

Crosby: pop. 318

Gloster: pop. 960

Liberty: (CS) pop. 768

Meadville: (CS) pop. 449

Roxie: pop. 447

The Little Red Schoolhouse

Eliza Jane Poitevent

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Billy Bob’s BBQ

The Old Country Store

Rosie’s Cafe

Places to Stay

Collina Plantation Inn

Isabella Bed & Breakfast

Rosswood Plantation

Things to See

Alcorn State: Go Catch the Braves!

The Town of Rodney: Directions

Grand Gulf Military Park

Rocky Springs Campgrounds 

Windsor Ruins

Okay, that was more than 3 😂

Local Info and History

Claiborne: est. 1802; pop. 9,604

Jefferson: est. 1799; pop. 7,726

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Fayette: pop. 1,614

Port Gibson: pop. 1,567

(In the Order We Posted These)

My Getaway from the World

Rocky Springs Revisited

The History of Claiborne & Jefferson

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Atop the Hill You Can Still Find Rodney

Forgotten Pianos

St. Phillip Church

The Whiskey Submarine

Our Top Suggestions



Praise da Lard Cracklins

Places to Stay

Desert Plantation

Things to See

 Clark Creek Natural Area 

 Fort Adams 

Local Info and History

est. 1802; pop. 9,878

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Centreville: pop. 1,684

Woodville: (CS) pop. 1,096

The History of Woodville & Wilkinson County

Clark Creek Natural Area

Clark Creek Revisited in the Fall