The Northeast Hills

Note: All “Top 3” suggestions below are nominated by you, the Mississippi Obscura Community. We update these regularly, so if you want to nominate a local business or spot, Contact Us. Tell us the location name and town, and we’ll count your vote.

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Regional History 

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The Natchez Trace

Our Top Suggestions


Borroum's Drug Store (Corinth)

Dilworth’s Hot Tamales (Corinth)

Russell’s Beef House (Corinth)

Things to See or Do

Coca-Cola Museum (Corinth)

Civil War Interpretive Center & Contraband Camp  (Corinth)

Corinth Depot (Corinth)

Local Info and History 

Alcorn: est. 1870, pop. 37,057

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Corinth: (CS) pop. 14,573

Farmington: pop. 2,186

Glen: pop. 412

Rienzi, pop. 312

Jacinto and Old Tishomingo

The History of Corinth

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Biscuits Steakhouse (Ripley)

Latham’s Hamburger Inn (New Albany)

Tallahatchie Gourmet (New Albany)

Things to See and Do

Baker’s Pond Hiking Trail

Tippah County Museum (Ripley)

Union County Museum (New Albany)

Local Info and History

Benton: est. 1870; pop. 8,729

Tippah: est. 1836; pop. 22,232

Union: est. 1870 pop. 27,134

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Ashland: (CS) pop. 569

Blue Mountain: pop. 670

Dumas: pop. 452

Falkner: pop. 212

Hickory Flat, pop. 601

New Albany: (CS) pop. 8,526

Myrtle: pop. 407

Ripley: (CS) pop. 5,478

Sherman: pop. 650

Snow Lake Shores, pop. 319

Walnut: pop. 754

A Ride Through Benton County

The Old Town of Ripley

Preservation in New Albany

A Church and a School Named Antioch

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Baldwyn City Cafe (Baldwyn)

Ramey’s Family Restaurant (Marietta)

R&T’s Burger Shop (Booneville)

Things to See and Do

Brice’s Crossroads (Baldwyn)

Pharr Mounds (Natchez Trace)

Old Bridge Beach (Booneville)

Local Info and History

Prentiss: est. 1870; pop. 25,275

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Baldwyn: pop. 3,297

Booneville: (CS) pop. 8,743

Jumpertown: pop. 404

Marietta: pop. 248

Old Bridge Beach

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Aqua Yacht Harbor Grill (Iuka)

Donna’s Italian Beef (Iuka)

Eastport Marina (Iuka)

Things to See and Do

Mineral Springs Park (Iuka)

Tishomingo State Park (Iuka)

Mineral Springs Park (Iuka)

Local Info and History

Tishomingo: est. 1836; pop. 19,593

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Belmont, pop. 2,021

Burnsville, pop. 1,034

Iuka: (CS) pop. 3,059

Tishomingo, pop. 349

The History of the Town of Tishomingo

Iuka’s Healing Waters

Tishomingo State Park