The Mississippi Delta

"The Most Southern Place on Earth"

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Pre-Mississippi History

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The Prehistoric Delta and the Tunica

Coahoma and Quitman County

Local Info and History

Coahoma: est. 1836; pop. 26,151

Quitman: est. 1877, pop. 8,223

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Clarksdale: (CS) pop. 17,962

Coahoma: pop. 377

Crowder: pop. 756

Falcon: pop. 317

Friars Point: pop. 1,200

Jonestown: pop. 1,298

Lambert: pop. 1,967

Lula: pop. 370

Lyon: pop. 350

Marks: (CS) pop. 1,551

Sledge: pop. 529

Tennessee Williams

Bolivar and Sunflower

- Our Top Three -


Airport Grocery

Crown Restaurant

Hey Joes Burgers

Things to See and Do

B.B. King Museum

Delta State University:

Go Catch the Fighting Okra


Local Info and Places

Bolivar: est. 1836, pop. 34,145

Sunflower: est. 1844; pop. 29,450

- - -

Cleveland: (CS) pop. 12,334

Doddsville, pop.  98

Indianola: (CS) pop. 12,066

Inverness, pop.  1,153

Moorhead: pop. 2,573

Mound Bayou: (CS) pop. 1,533

Rosedale: (CS) pop. 1,873

Ruleville: pop. 3,234

Shaw: pop. 1,922

Shelby: pop. 2,259

Sunflower, pop.  696

The History of Rosedale

The History of Boyle (by way of a cemetery)


The History of Ruleville

Leflore and Tallahatche Counties

- Our Top Three -


Crystal Grill

Delta Bistro Pub

Sumner Grill


Aluvian Hotel

Tallahatchie Flats

Things to See and Do

Local Info and History

Leflore: est. 1871; pop. 32,317

Tallahatchie: est. 1833; pop. 15,378

- - -

Charleston: (CS) pop. 2,198

Greenwood: (CS) pop. 15,205

Itta Bena: pop. 2,409

Morgan City: pop. 305

Schlater: pop. 388

Sidon: pop. 672

Sumner: (CS) pop. 407

Tutwiler: pop. 3,550

Webb: pop. 580

Humphreys and Washington

- Our Top Three -



Doe’s Eat Place

Hot Tamale Heaven

Varsity Restaurant


Belmont Plantation

Things to See and Do

Mississippi Valley State:

Go Catch a Delta Devils Outing

Roebuck Plantation

Scissors, World Champion Hog 1917-1918, lived in a custom-built home. It was restored in the early 2000s, with an added pig statue.

Local Info and History

Humphries: est. 1918; pop. 9,375

Washington: est. 1827; pop. 51,137

- - -

Arcola: pop. 361

Belzoni: (CS) pop. 2,235

Greenville: (CS) pop. 34,400

Hollandale: pop. 3,437

Isola: pop. 713

Leland: pop. 4,790

Louise: pop. 199

Metcalfe, pop. 1,109

Silver City: pop. 337

The History of Belzoni

The History of Midnight

Senator LeRoy Percy

Leland and Our Favorite Frog

Issaquena, Sharkey, and Yazoo

Local Info and History

Isaquenna: est. 1844; pop. 1,406

Sharkey: est. 1876; pop. 4,916

Yazoo: est. 1823; pop. 28,065

- - -

Anguilla: pop. 786

Bentonia: pop. 500

Cary: pop. 427

Mayersville: (CS) pop. 795

Rolling Fork: (CS) pop. 2,486

On a Bend in the Yazoo River

Rolling Fork I

Rolling Fork II

The Witch of Yazoo