Capital/Metro Area

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Pre-Mississippi History

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The Choctaw Nation

The Natchez Trace

The Treaty of Doak’s Stand

Local Info and History

Hinds: est. 1821; pop. 245,285

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Bolton: pop. 567

Byram: pop. 7,386

Clinton: pop. 25,216

Edwards: pop. 1,347

Learned: pop. 94

Raymond (CS): pop. 1,933

Terry: pop. 1,063

Utica: pop. 820

The History of Terry

The History of Clinton

The History of Utica

The History of Raymond

The Byram Swinging Bridge

One Couple and Their Fourteen Children

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Mama Hamil’s

Sal and Phil’s

Things to See and Do

The Canton Square

The Natchez Trace

Ross Barnett Reservoir

Local Info and History

Madison: est. 1828; pop. 95,203

- - -

Canton (CS): pop. 13,189

Flora: pop. 1,546

Madison: pop. 24,841

Ridgeland: pop. 24,047

The History of Canton

A Haunting at Chapel of the Cross

Mule Jail Trail

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Jerry’s Catfish House

McClain’s General Store and Restaurants

Things to See and Do

Brandon Amphitheater

Yogi on the Lake

Mississippi Braves

(While that last one isn’t a local business, we feel it’s a great addition to the metro area)

Local Info and History

Rankin: est. 1828; pop. 141,617

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Brandon (CS): pop. 21,705

Florence: pop. 4,141

Flowood: pop. 7,823

Pearl: pop. 25,092

Pelahatchie: pop. 1,461

Richland: pop. 6,027

The Mt. Creek Comunity

One Antebellum Schoolhouse

The Road to Old Fannin

Rambling through Time via Value Road

Local Info and History

Simpson: est. 1824; pop. 27,503

- - -

Braxton: pop. 181

D'Lo: pop. 394

Magee: pop. 5,019

Mendenhall (CS) pop. 2,555

Early Simpson County & Westville/Pinola

The History of Braxton

The History of D’Lo

Mississippi’s Tallest Totem Pole