Capital/Metro Area

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Regional History 

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The Natchez Trace

The Treaty of Doak’s Stand

- Our Top Three -


The Dairy Freeze (Crystal Springs)

Louise’s Open Pit BBQ (Crystal Springs)

Porches Restaurant (Wesson)


Wisteria Inn (Crystal Springs)

Things to See and Do

Chataqua Park (Crystal Springs)

Mill Town Mall (Wesson)

Mississippi Music Museum (Hazlehurst)

Colleges and Universities

Copiah Lincoln CC (Wesson)

Local Info and History

Copiah: est. 1823; pop. 29,449

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Crystal Springs: pop. 5,044

Georgetown: pop. 286

Hazlehurst (CS): pop. 4,009

Wesson: pop. 1,929

First and Foremost:

Come Visit OUR Town

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The History of Georgetown

The History of Crystal Springs 

The 3 County Seats of Copiah

It is North of Beauregard 

Hopewell and Harmony by way of a Grave

A Boy and His Doggo

Alton Parker: Copiah’s Greatest Explorer

The Old GM&O Line

The Fall Flower and Garden Festival

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Daddio’s Downhome BBQ (Byram)

H.D. Gibbes & Sons (Learned)

Wyndale Steakhouse (Terry)

Things to See and Do

The Battle of Raymond Battlefield

Byram Swinging Bridge (Byram)

Kids Towne Park (Clinton)

Colleges an Universities

Hinds CC (Raymond)

Mississippi College (Clinton)

Local Info and History

Hinds: est. 1821; pop. 245,285

- - -

Bolton: pop. 567

Byram: pop. 7,386

Clinton: pop. 25,216

Edwards: pop. 1,347

Learned: pop. 94

Raymond (CS): pop. 1,933

Terry: pop. 1,063

Utica: pop. 820

The History of Terry

The History of Clinton

The History of Utica

The History of Raymond

The Byram Swinging Bridge

One Couple and Their Fourteen Children

- Our Top Three -


Ely’s (Ridgeland)

Mama Hamil’s (Madison)

Sal and Phil’s (Ridgeland)

Things to See and Do

The Canton Square

The Natchez Trace

Ross Barnett Reservoir

Local Info and History

Madison: est. 1828; pop. 95,203

- - -

Canton (CS): pop. 13,189

Flora: pop. 1,546

Madison: pop. 24,841

Ridgeland: pop. 24,047

The History of Canton

A Haunting at Chapel of the Cross

Mule Jail Trail

- Our Top Three -


Cerami’s (Brandon)

Jerry’s Catfish House (Florence)

McClain’s General Store (Brandon)

Things to See and Do

Brandon Amphitheater (Brandon)

Yogi on the Lake (Pelahatchie)

Mississippi Braves (Pearl)

{While that last one isn’t a local business, we feel it’s a great addition to the metro area.}

Local Info and History

Rankin: est. 1828; pop. 141,617

- - -

Brandon (CS): pop. 21,705

Florence: pop. 4,141

Flowood: pop. 7,823

Pearl: pop. 25,092

Pelahatchie: pop. 1,461

Richland: pop. 6,027

The Mt. Creek Comunity

One Antebellum Schoolhouse

The Road to Old Fannin

Rambling through Time via Value Road

- Our Top Three -


Granny’s Table (Mendenhall)

Lee’s Donuts (Magee)

Zips Cafe (Magee)


Johnny Knight Treehouse (Mendenhall)

Things to See and Do

D’Lo Water Park (D’Lo)

Merit Water Park (Mendenhall)

MS’s Tallest Totem Pole (Mendenhall)

Local Info and History

Simpson: est. 1824; pop. 27,503

- - -

Braxton: pop. 181

D'Lo: pop. 394

Magee: pop. 5,019

Mendenhall (CS) pop. 2,555

Early Simpson County & Westville/Pinola

The History of Braxton

The History of D’Lo

Mississippi’s Tallest Totem Pole