Haunted Blogs

Attala County: Ms. Kelly’s Crying Statue

Harrison County: The Headless Pirate

Harrison County: A Pirate’s Curse

Hinds County: The Bitter Hooker

Hinds County: The Old Capitol

Jones County: The Deason Home

Lauderdale County: Stuckey Bridge

Lee County: Antoine the Friendly Ghost

Lowndes County: The 3 Legged Woman

Madison County: Chapel of the Cross

Pearl River Co.: The Chupacabra Incident

Walthall County: China Grove Church

Wayne County: The Goat Man

Yazoo County: The Witch of Yazoo 


For the love of common decency, understand that this section is for fun. Some “haunted” spots in our state have suffered ignorant and senseless vandalism. We are not responsible if you end up in jail because YOU are ignorant. Enjoy the stories; learn a little about the history of these spots before you go, and appreciate that history while you are there; LEAVE NO TRACKS! It’s also not the good conduct of decent folk to trespass. In other words, act like you got some freakin’ home training!

Know of a spot we didn’t include?

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