East Central Mississippi

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Regional History 

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Choctaw Creation & Dancing Rabbit Creek

- Our Top Three -


Brickhaus Bar & Grill (Meridian)

Skidmore’s Grill (Shubuta)

Weidmann’s (Meridian)

Things to See and Do 

Dentzel Antique Carousel (Meridian)

Dunn’s Falls (Enterprise)

The Queen of the Gypsies (Meridian)

Colleges and Universities

East Mississippi CC (Scooba)

Meridian CC (Meridian)

Local Info and History

Clarke: est. 1833; pop. 16,732

Kemper: est. 1833; pop. 10,456

Lauderdale: est. 1833; pop. 80,261

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De Kalb: (CS) pop. 972

Enterprise, pop. 526

Marion: pop. 1,479

Meridian: (CS) pop. 41,148

Pachuta, pop. 261

Quitman: (CS) pop. 2,323

Scooba: pop. 732

Shubuta, pop. 651

Stonewall, pop. 1,081

Shubuta Artesian Well

The History of Meridian

Stuckey Bridge

- Our Top Three -


Kathy’s Chicken Basket (Louisville)

Ole Country Bakery (Brooksville)

Mary Lou’s Biscuit Bar (Louisville)


Lake Tiak-O-Khata (Louisville)

The Mason Boutique Hotel (Louisville)

Things to See and Do 

Heritage Fire Museum (Louisville)

Doyle Arm (Winston)

Legion State Park (Louisville)

Local Info and History

Noxubee: est. 1833; pop. 11,545

Winston: est. 1833; pop. 19,198

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Brooksville: pop. 1,182

Louisville: (CS) pop. 7,006

Macon: (CS) pop. 2,461

Noxapater: pop. 419

Shuqualak: pop. 562 {sugar-lock}

The History of Louisville

The History of Macon

Shuqualak and the Roaring Twenties 

The Old Noxubee County Jail

The Old Salem School

- Our Top Three -


Chicken Nugget (Carthage)

The Porterhouse (Philadelphia)

Singleton Steak & Fish House (Carthage)

Things to See and Do 

Geyser Falls (Philadelphia)

Pearl River Resort (Philadelphia)

Local Info and History

Leake: est. 1833; pop. 23,805

Neshoba: est. 1833; pop. 29,676

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Carthage: (CS) pop. 5,075

Lena: pop. 175

Philadelphia: (CS) pop. 7,477

Walnut Grove: pop. 1,911

Neshoba County, Part I

Neshoba County, Part II

Holy Cross Church

McGee Cemetery, Part I

McGee Cemetery, Part II

The First 100 Years in Carthage

A Little Food at the Choctaw Indian Fair

- Our Top Three -


Burger Barn (Sebastopol)

Lee’s Steakhouse (Sebastopol)

Zack Garvin’s Steakhouse (Newton)

Things to See and Do

Boler’s Inn (Union)

Golden Mem. State Park (Walnut Grove)

Roosevelt State Park (Morton)

Colleges and Universities

East Central CC (Decatur)

Local Info and History

Newton: est. 1836; pop. 21,720

Scott: est. 1833; pop. 28,264

- - - 

Chunky: pop. 344

Decatur: (CS) pop. 1,841

Forest: pop. 5,684

Hickory: pop. 499

Lake: pop. 408

Morton: pop. 3,482

Newton: pop. 3,699

Sebastopol: pop. 272

Union: pop. 202

The History of Union 

The Early History of Decatur 

Newton & the Civil War

Perfect Simplicity in Sebastopol

Roosevelt State Park

- Our Top Three -


Belly of the Whale Deli (Raleigh)

Corner Table (Bay Springs)

Roundback BBQ (Raleigh)

Things to See and Do

Prentiss Walker Lake (Mize)

Local Info and History

Jasper: est. 1833; pop. 17,062

Smith: est. 1833; pop. 16,491

- - - 

Bay Springs: (CS) pop. 1,786

Heidelberg: pop. 840

Louin: pop. 349

Mize: pop. 285

Montrose: pop. 146

Polkville: pop. 843

Raleigh: (CS) pop. 1,462

Taylorsville: pop. 1,353

The History of Taylorsville